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About A. Singer & 
Associates Inc.

Serving Ventura County Since 1983

Dependable Advocacy for more than
35 years

At A. Singer & Associates, we have experienced attorneys ready to assist you no matter what your needs.  Our firm brings over 55 years of combined experience in a wide variety of legal matters.  We are a full service law firm with the resources necessary to provide you the best representation on your legal case or issues. We are skilled and experienced advocates who can represent you in the preparation of legal documents, setting up a new buisness, review of contracts and legal representation in any civil lawsuit.

Schedule a consulation today.  Dial (805) 375-2010 now or contact A Singer & Associates Inc. online to meet with our team.

About Our Thousand Oaks Attorney

Since 1983, Attorney Anne Singer has represented clients with distinction in a diverse arena of law. She has extensive experience in both business and law, having worked in a business capacity with some of the largest Fortune 500 companies, such as Motorola, Avon, Kodak Camera, Burger King and Conoco Oil Company along with numerous others.  This experience has given her an understanding of what keeps companies growing strong no matter what their size. Mr. Singer's extensive business background gives her a real advantage when assisting businesses in making important business decisions as well as determining the best steps forward in any legal situation. 

A. Singer & Associates offers services including:

  • Business law

  • Contract disputes

  • Construction defects

  • Shareholder disputes

  • Real property issues



By starting her career in the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office, Ms. Singer developed skills in the courtroom that helped her become an adept litigator to assist her clients in some of the most difficult situations. Ms. Singer has taught law in the areas of business litigation, contract law and legal research and writing. She is a skilled advocate having achieved a multi-milllion dollar judgment in a case that received much attention on television, radio and local newspapers.

A. Singer & Associates Inc. can help you foresee the year ahead and make strategic decisions to achieve your business goals.  We offer free consultations to help you better understand your situation to assist you to move forward effectively and with confidence.

Call me today at 805-375-2010

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