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  • Case Dismissed
    Sued by Immigration Company
  • Obtained Settlement from Insurance Company
    Hired by Victim of Real Estate Fraud Scheme in California to Sue for Return of Monies
  • Obtained Successful Settlement
    Daughter Living in House Owned by Client Sued for Refusing to Pay Mortgage or Leave Property
  • Obtained Successful Settlement
    Employment Discrimination and Wrongful Termination
  • 11 Suits Dismissed Plus Waiver of Fees and Costs
    12 Pending Lawsuits Against Client
  • Settled with Payment to My Client
    Claim Was Filed Against Her Company
  • Obtained Full Policy Payout for Both Clients
    Injured in a Car Accident
  • Won at Trial
    Lawsuit by Former Business Investor
  • Obtained Successful Settlement
    Lawsuit for the Force Sale of Real Property
  • Successful Settlement with Insurance Company
    Personal Injury Case Involving Broken Leg
  • Attorney Running the Scam Disbarred
    Real Estate Fraud Case Where Thousands of Fillipinos Lost Their Homes Due to Mortgage Refi Scam
  • Obtained Successful Settlement from Defendant
    Represented Broadcasting Equipment Company Against Corporation Who Slandered Client, Resulting in Lost Account
  • Obtained Successful Settlement
    Represented Fillipino Newspaper in Suit by a Competing Newspaper
  • $8.75M Judgment, Defendant Sent to Jail
    Retained for Real Estate Investment Fraud Scheme That Took Place in California
  • Obtained Successful Settlement
    Retained to Force Sale of Real Property Co-Owned with Former Boyfriend