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No matter where you’re at with your business venture, A. Singer & Associates, Inc. can provide helpful counsel to move you forward in a sustainable and steady way. We understand the challenges California businesses face and what to do to handle them successfully.

Our Thousand Oaks business law firm offers legal services for:

Creating a business starts with a dream, but roadblocks can quickly slow you down if you aren’t sure how to deal with them. A. Singer & Associates, Inc. can help you build a plan for steady growth in the years ahead. We know building a stable business is tough, and that’s why we offer consultations to give you helpful guidance right away.

We know how to help you move forward with your business interests on your schedule and in a way you can afford. Call (805) 919-8589 today!

What is Business Law?

The area of business law includes all of the laws that control how to create and maintain a business.

All businesses must follow the laws that helped create them, but when disputes arise or there are questions of legality, a licensed business law attorney is recommended to provide advice and legal guidance.

Business law includes:

  • State laws
  • Federal laws
  • Administrative laws

How A. Singer & Associates Can Help

We understand that aspects of your business can be perplexing, our Thousand Oaks business lawyer is here to help guide you through the process. With decades spent protecting the interests of small businesses throughout the community, A. Singer & Associates, Inc. is on your side to help you build a strong, prosperous future for your company. Attorney Anne Singer has represented some of the nation’s largest brands in a business capacity to help them effectively stay on track and continue steady growth. If you have a question about taking the next step with your Ventura County business, call our firm for a consultation.

Affordable In-House Legal Counsel

Having a business lawyer on hand is helpful when you need advice. Unfortunately for most small businesses, the price tag for legal services is more than they can afford. A. Singer & Associates, Inc. offers the same high-quality in-house legal counsel without cost-prohibitive fees. 

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Understanding California Business Entities

An understanding of the different business entities is essential. In California, business entities such as sole proprietorships, corporations, partnerships, and nonprofits all have unique benefits and regulations. Whether you are starting a new business or need counsel for an existing one, it is crucial to consult with a business lawyer.

There are five types of business organizations that you may fall into:

Sole Proprietorship

A business that is owned by only one person. It is the easiest to set up and the least costly. The owner of the business has unlimited liability, meaning creditors can go after the assets of the business if they are not paid. Sole proprietorship is most common in small businesses.


A business that is owned by two or more people. The owners divide the profits from the business among themselves. They also have unlimited liability on their business.


A business organization that is legally separate from the owners. The owners are considered to be stockholders and have limited liability but also limited in their involvement with the corporation. A board of directors controls the operations.

Limited Liability Company

Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a hybrid company that is both a corporation and partnership. A LLC is not incorporated and not considered to be a corporation. The owners enjoy limited liability and are taxed like a partnership or corporation.


A business that is owned by a group of people and for all of their benefits. The owners are called members and it is classified as incorporated or unincorporated. Examples include a credit union and housing cooperatives.

At A. Singer & Associates, Inc., we are prepared to help you decide what type of entity is best for your newly formed business. We can also guide you on developing your business within California business law and handling litigation matters as they relate to your type of business, such as ownership disputes.

Do I Need A Business Attorney in Ventura County?

A business attorney can improve your business in a variety of ways, they can help you understand legal issues that may arise.

They can provide you with the following services:

  • Provide council if you were sued/or in a lawsuit for any reason
  • Help navigate through legal violations
  • Will negotiate the sale of a business on your behalf
  • Document preparations/reviews
  • Understanding binding contracts

Most business owners lack the knowledge and experience that is needed to handle different areas of running a business. Consulting a qualified business lawyer to handle your business matters can be crucial in allowing you to prepare documents, get legal protection and run your business smoothly.

A. Singer & Associates is an experienced law firm that has helped a variety of businesses in Ventura County with their legal needs. Call us today for a case review and to schedule a consultation.


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Anne Singer Attorney

Anne Singer has extensive experience in both business and law. She has worked in a business capacity with some of the largest Fortune 500 companies, including Kodak, Motorola, R. J. Reynolds, Conoco Oil Company, Grolier Books, Calvin Klein, Avon, Swatch Watch, Vuarnet of France, and numerous others. She has owned and operated two ...

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