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It’s hard work making a product people can purchase. It can be even harder to execute a sale, making it that much worse when a client refuses to pay. At A. Singer & Associates, Inc., we help business clients who are unable to collect payment on services rendered. Having worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies, we understand the intricacies of successful business operations. Attorney Anne Singer understands how to work with your customers to ensure your bottom line is met. Call our Thousand Oaks attorney today to schedule your free consultation.

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What It Takes to Obtain Arrears

When you are owed money, going to court is often the last option you want to take. Unfortunately, for some businesses, it is the only option left. Once you have tried written notices and collections services, litigation provides a permanent and binding demand that your debtor repay what they owe.

Our firm works with collection agencies that can help you through the collection litigation steps, allowing A. Singer & Associates to step in when the only option left is to file suit.

  • Arbitrating, mediating, or litigating repayment: If the other party refuses to reach an agreement on their own, the next step is to contact A. Singer & Associates who can let them know their legal obligation to repay you. If they continue to refuse, the next step will be litigating the debt in court.
  • Enforcing repayment: Even after you reach an agreement where the other party has been legally ordered to repay the debt, you will still need to ensure they actually follow through. We can work with the other party to secure payment.

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We understand how frustrating it can be to have a balance owed to you, especially as a small business when those payments can make a major difference in the outcome of your future. During your free consultation, A. Singer & Associates, Inc. will discuss what can be done about obtaining the monies due you. We offer decades of experience to help you gain a clear picture of what to do next.

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That Speak for Themselves
  • Obtained Successful Settlement Retained to Force Sale of Real Property Co-Owned with Former Boyfriend
  • $8.75M Judgment, Defendant Sent to Jail Retained for Real Estate Investment Fraud Scheme That Took Place in California
  • Obtained Settlement from Insurance Company Hired by Victim of Real Estate Fraud Scheme in California to Sue for Return of Monies
  • Obtained Successful Settlement from Defendant Represented Broadcasting Equipment Company Against Corporation Who Slandered Client, Resulting in Lost Account
  • Obtained Successful Settlement Daughter Living in House Owned by Client Sued for Refusing to Pay Mortgage or Leave Property
  • Attorney Running the Scam Disbarred Real Estate Fraud Case Where Thousands of Fillipinos Lost Their Homes Due to Mortgage Refi Scam
  • Case Was Settled Through Mediation Hired to Stop a Foreclosure Due to Fraudulent Deed That Affected Title to Real Property
  • Obtained Successful Settlement Represented Fillipino Newspaper in Suit by a Competing Newspaper
  • Successfully Settled Case Threatened With Suit for Allegedly Illegally Dumping Soil on Private Property
  • Case Resolved by Plaintiff Dropping the Suit Sued by Ex-Boyfriend for Property