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Congratulations! You have a business idea, and you are getting all the pieces together in order to get started. The next step is to work with an experienced Thousand Oaks business formation attorney who can help you with all the legalities of getting your new venture launched.

A. Singer & Associates, Inc. has helped businesses of all sizes with many different kinds of business concerns. Our experience gives us the in-depth knowledge and insights to help you plan for the future. Call now to schedule a free consultation about your needs.

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The Basics of Starting a Business

While your ability to serve the needs of your customer depends on your ambition and effort, your ability to exist as a legal entity also means you must follow the law. The first thing you will need to do is determine the type of business you want to form.

This can be any of the following:

  • Sole proprietorship: All ownership and liability assigned to a single person. While these are the easiest types of companies to start and maintain, they can place a large tax burden on your personal finances and leave you personally liable for all business debts.
  • LLCs and other corporations: The most effective and durable of all business forms is a corporation or limited liability company which can effectively put a distance between you and your company, providing you with safety and protection from issues for which your company may be liable.
  • Partnership: Like a corporation, limited partnerships can allow business owners to avoid being held liable for business debts or judgments. There are also regular partnerships where both owners report business earnings on their personal taxes.
  • Nonprofit: These businesses have the capacity to seek charitable donations from the public that are tax deductible. Nonprofits have little to no tax burden and can be a great way to provide educational, literary, and scientific services back to the community.

If you decide to create a corporation, you must file your Articles of Incorporation with California's Secretary of State and pay the filing fee. Articles of Incorporation will legally generate your business as a corporation in California. After the Secretary of State processes the documents, you can officially start your business.

Let A. Singer & Associates, Inc. Help

Deciding on a business type is an important first step. Once that is complete, a lawyer can help you prepare the documents that become the legal foundation for your business. If done properly, you will rarely need to look at that foundation again, but can continue to build your business knowing that whatever may happen, you are well protected. During your free consultation, our Thousand Oaks business attorney can give you more information about what the services we can provide for you.

Once you know where to turn for legal services, you will have more confidence in making decisions in the future. A. Singer & Associates, Inc. offers in-house legal counsel to give you information and guidance right when you need it without paying for a full-time lawyer on staff. Get the guidance and support you need to grow and develop your business that is cost-effective and insightful.

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    An attorney who is familiar with your business and always available to help with all your legal matters.

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That Speak for Themselves
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  • $8.75M Judgment, Defendant Sent to Jail Retained for Real Estate Investment Fraud Scheme That Took Place in California
  • Obtained Settlement from Insurance Company Hired by Victim of Real Estate Fraud Scheme in California to Sue for Return of Monies
  • Obtained Successful Settlement from Defendant Represented Broadcasting Equipment Company Against Corporation Who Slandered Client, Resulting in Lost Account
  • Obtained Successful Settlement Daughter Living in House Owned by Client Sued for Refusing to Pay Mortgage or Leave Property
  • Attorney Running the Scam Disbarred Real Estate Fraud Case Where Thousands of Fillipinos Lost Their Homes Due to Mortgage Refi Scam
  • Case Was Settled Through Mediation Hired to Stop a Foreclosure Due to Fraudulent Deed That Affected Title to Real Property
  • Obtained Successful Settlement Represented Fillipino Newspaper in Suit by a Competing Newspaper
  • Successfully Settled Case Threatened With Suit for Allegedly Illegally Dumping Soil on Private Property
  • Case Resolved by Plaintiff Dropping the Suit Sued by Ex-Boyfriend for Property